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Comprehensive Mold Remediation in San Antonio

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It’s wise to have your home or office inspected regularly for mildew growth.  NTW Rebuilders is a mold remediation company, and we are experts in the cleanup and removal of this dangerous growth. We will come to your residential or business property and inspect for mold. Should we find any, we will assess the damage and come up with a restoration plan to clean the growth, remove any infested material and replace said material. We will also filter your air and ensure that everything is dry and safe.

Common Types of Fungi

There are several species of fungi that enjoy breeding in houses and commercial buildings. The most common varieties include:
  • Aspergillus, which causes allergies and likes to live in your air conditioning system.
  • Cladosporium, which can also cause allergies, is green or black and grows in fiberglass air ducts, on painted surfaces and around your toilets.
  • Stachybotrys is the infamous black strain that grows in the areas discussed above and in your fiberboard, gypsum board and, unbelievably, in dust, lint and piles of moist paper.
Any one of these molds can cause breathing and health problems for those with compromised respiratory systems. Children and the elderly are also sensitive to mildew growth.

Handling the Mildew Removal Process "Hassle Free" in North Carolina, South Carolina & Texas

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Let NTW take care of your mold problem. Getting rid of this stuff can be dangerous, so you shouldn’t attempt it yourself.  Not to worry! No job is too big or too small, so call us today at 210-885-8637. We’re a business that has been owned by veterans since 1994, and we can address your metal roof installation  needs as well.